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If you feel drawn to use your unique wisdom, skills and experiences

in service to others, then you are in the right place. Purposeful life work creates belonging and generosity deep inside of you, and this is the ultimate success.

Which step of the journey are you on?

Ann Manatt

I'm a business owner, healer and deeply committed yogini. I'm also a long-time corporate refugee with an MBA.  

Blessedly, a growing number of women are being called to speak their truth to the world. To create a larger vision and step into a larger role. They have gifts and wisdom that the world is hungry for, and it is my greatest pleasure to assist in birthing these dreams.

For 30 years I have worked with women to connect with their deeper purpose, and for the last six years I have been dedicated to helping feminine entrepeneurs launch online businesses within that model of love and joy.  

Get the most from my website by first exploring the portals for dreaming, creating and selling above. Then, if you feel you need more help, contact me directly for private coaching:

Online Business Coach

 Life-Purpose Coach


Riverbanks and Flow

A weekly video training on how to create frameworks in your life's work or business, while staying connected to the voice of your soul.


Please schedule at the link below to be considered for a spot in my Winter 2022-23 coaching program.

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