A Woman's Dharma




  • You have a great course/program/membership or coaching business and you need to start enrolling clients.
  • You have built a business, now it's time to grow.
  • You just want to prove your idea will sell before you put in a lot of time.
  • Or you just need to build your list.

Where should you begin? With one little workshop!

After seven years of working with hundreds of women, this is the most powerful, simple, repeatable, elegant system I could imagine in order to gather your perfect tribe. It incorporates everything that is working online and everything you need to feel at ease and confident every time you create a new offering.


Yes, please, teach me a simple way!

You will learn:
~ How to choose a compelling topic for your workshop.
~ How to find the perfect title.
~ How to price your workshop and when to offer it for free.
~ What to do if you don't have a following/client base/email list yet.

You'll receive support in creating your presentation, giving your presentation, and how to make an offer for your higher-priced program.

Working on your One Little Workshop will help you identify where your ideas need more dreaming, where your offer to the world is slightly off, and how to tweak just one or two things to make what you do more aligned to who you are and to increase your reach.

Join the other Dharma Sisters to create your workshop.
(women only) There WILL be a recording you can keep always